105 ha.|530 000 sq. m.|35 km from MKAD.

Area planning

Sekerino logistics park in Moscow

The Sekerino industrial and logistics park is located in the Troitsky Administrative District of Moscow recently appended to the city. The project takes up an area of 105 hectares 35 km away from the MKAD (Moscow Automobile Ring Road) via the Kaluzhskoe or Kievskoe Highways. The area abuts to the Moscow Small Ring Road (MMK) and the Central Ring Road (CKAD), i.e. two main motorways in the Moscow region.

According to the layout design plan approved by the Government of Moscow, production, storage and office buildings totaling more than 530,000 sq. m of floor space are to be put up on the Sekerino site. The primary goal of the project is to set up a suitable location for small and medium-sized manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in the immediate proximity to the consumer.

Locating this project in the new territories of the city addresses the main concern of the expanding metropolis that of creating new jobs a short distance away from the areas currently under fast-track housing development, which will greatly improve the traffic situation: taking under 30 minutes to get from home to work.

Area planning

Moscow map Moscow New Moscow territory Logistics park Sekerino

Area planning

Sekerino area planning

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